Friday, August 08, 2008

Week in Las Vegas

The whole family and I spent last week in Las Vegas for David Neagle's ERS. It was a great time and we really enjoyed being able to spend time both with Derek and the kids and some of my closest colleagues/friends. The weather was *so* hot and dry, not like the weather we usually have back here on the east coast. We spent almost every day at the pool, either for lunch with the kids or on the days off from the event. You can check out more photos and videos on my Facebook link.

Talk to you soon and big hugs to you!

Taking a stroll on the Vegas strip with the kids - it was hot and sunny!

Derek and the kids keeping cool at the pool.

Claire and I at the pool during a lunch break from ERS.

Here I am with my personal coach/mentor, David Neagle.

Derek and I at the ERS VIP reception with David Neagle.

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