Thursday, July 27, 2006

My son Luc's first birthday

SO many of my ezine subscribers write in to say they really enjoy the personal updates and especially the photos, saying that it makes the sometimes boring world of marketing more real. Many asked for more photos...

So, I responded. Here are some from my son Luc's first birthday, last Friday.

The entire Fredrickson family came down for the weekend and we boated, went to our beach and had an all around good time at our new house.

Luc greeting our house guests with his toothy grin.

His sister Claire, snuggling Luc, as usual.

Me, ready to cut Luc's cake and sip champagne.

My husband Derek, party hat on.

The Cake.

Luc, wondering what this thing IS and why it has his picture on it.


Hugs to you and happy Client Attraction,


Fabienne Fredrickson